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January 2023

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Let’s Go on a Trip!

Let’s Go on a Trip!

This month is all about adventures! We pack our suitcases, get our passports ready, reserve our tickets and take a trip!

Pizza, Pizza!

Pizza, Pizza!

Mmmm, what smells so good? At the neighbourhood restaurant, pizza is always everyone’s favourite choice! Cheese, olives, pepperoni, mushrooms… there are so many topping to choose from!


This Mixed-Age Box includes: 

  • Twelve travel pictures to observe and talk about
  • A “Look and Find” poster illustrating an airport scene
  • An illustrated story about a little girl who has her passport picture taken
  • An observation game where we must match cards pictured with several coloured suitcases to the same combination of suitcases on our game board
  • “Posing Fun!” cards to move our body
  • A passport to fill in and use throughout the theme
  • A display about enjoying activities (our "All About Me!" concept of the month)
  • A worksheet about our favourite activities
  • A “Pictures and Words” poster illustrating a pizza parlour
  • A game in which we must move our token around a pizza-shaped game board to collect pieces that complete a pizza puzzle
  • Pizza topping cards
  • A pizza menu to use for pretend play
  • The colour yellow puzzle
  • Letter “A,” “C” and “S” displays and games
  • A number 5 puzzle and “Find and Count” display
  • The rectangle shape game
  • A workbook filled with worksheets

This box also includes supplies to craft a suitcase, two airplanes and a large sky scene in which to paste our airplanes. We also paint with sand, use finger paint to make a blue sky and add other small crafted planes, and make a pizza collage. 

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