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January 2023

Price $57.00
Subscription $51.30 / month
Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!

Is anything more fun than a white winter? Don’t we all love playing in the snow, building forts, catching snowflakes, and throwing snowballs?

With this Tot Box, the children in your group will join Clementine, Zoom and Jujube as they discover all about snow, ice and blizzards!

Everything is included for 3 weeks of fun-filled days with your toddler group!

  • An illustrated Activity Guide
  • “The Blizzard”, an illustrated story featuring Clementine, Zoom, and Jujube’s stuffed animals that fly away during a blizzard
  • “Snowflake the Polar Bear” stick puppet
  • “Colour Splash!” game to learn the colour white
  • “Tot Talk” cards for learning new words and for a memory game
  • “Look & Learn” poster
  • Two fun games: “Let it Snow!” and “Snowmen”
  • All the necessary tools to bring the activities to life
  • Copies of Grown-Up Gazette to keep parents informed
  • 3 Little Hands Worksheets for every child

All the Arts & Crafts supplies are included to create:

  • A snowflake decorated with tissue paper and metallic garlands
  • A lace doily and snowflake-shaped confetti collage
  • A snowflake painting made with fruit imprints and sparkles
  • A painting made with frozen tempera paint
  • A frozen craft to hang outdoors
  • A snowman craft

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