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Subscription and Pricing

Automatically receive your Activity Box every month!

  • Get 10% off the price of each box every month (that’s the same as getting one free box!)
  • Bonus Activity Displays included in your first Box
  • Membership to our Hipporay VIP Club where you have access to educational tools for your group, and more than 150 organizational and planning tools for you

I want to subscribe!

If you prefer, you can call us toll free at 1-844-442-1242, or send us post-dated cheques in the mail.

Price List

Size Price Subscription
3 children $60.50 $54.45/month
4 children $65.50 $58.95/month
5 children $70.50 $63.45/month
6 children $75.50 $67.95/month
7 children $80.50 $72.45/month
8 children $85.50 $76.95/month
9 children $90.50 $81.45/month
10 children $95.50 $85.95/month
11 children $100.50 $90.45/month
12 children $105.50 $94.95/month

Price does not include shipping or taxes.

A Mixed-Age Activity Box for 6 children costs less than 58 ¢ a day per child (including taxes and shipping)!