Hipporay Daycare
Making Learning Fun for Little Ones!

Hipporay Activity Boxes are packed with colourful arts and crafts supplies, exciting educational games and stimulating activities prepared monthly and delivered to you, ready to use in your daycare setting!

Our Mixed-Age Activity Box

Our Mixed-Age Activity Box is perfect for you if your daycare children are between the ages of 18 months and 5 years.

The Mixed-Age Activity Box…

  • Includes two or three original themes per month
  • Is fun for everyone: it offers suggestions to accommodate toddlers, enrichment activities for older preschoolers, and a few activities just for infants!
  • Allows the children to easily explore and express their creativity while developing their physical, cognitive, social, and communication skills

Our Tot Box

Perfect for groups of children aged 18 months to 3 years old.

The Tot Box offers…

  • Simple themes of great interest to toddlers and geared toward their need to run, jump, explore and talk
  • Art activities that allow toddlers to easily explore the materials and express their creativity
  • A gentle introduction to group activities
  • A reduced schedule allowing lots of time for free play and routine activities

Always a big PLUS with Hipporay!

A big PLUS for children

They love our colourful supplies and always have fun with our activities!

A big PLUS for parents

They can see how much fun their child is having in such a stimulating environment!

A big PLUS for you

Our Activity Boxes make your days easier. They are ready-to-use and professionally tailored to the children’s needs while meeting Canadian governmental guidelines.

Daily Journals

Easy to fill-in journals that offer parents a positive peek into their child’s day and activities! Two types to choose from!

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Educational Supplies

Lots of colourful teaching tools!

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