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Baby Days! (Infant Journal)




An easy to fill-in journal that offers parents a positive peek into their baby’s day and activities!

  • Beautiful Full-Colour Journal
  • Convenient size of 7 inches x 9 inches (18 cm x 23 cm)
  • Spiral bound
  • Vinyl protective cover sheet
  • Inside pocket to send documents home
  • 52-week format without dates (can be started anytime)
  • One week on two pages
  • Simply check the appropriate observation in each section (bottle feedings, mealtime, naptime, playtime, general mood and outings)
  • 10 Free pages for keepsakes
  • Each week, a section is reserved for parent-provider exchanges, and reminders to bring in needed supplies

And a little something MORE: lots of cute colourful images, special notes, and milestone sheets can be printed out from our Hipporay Club and added to the journals!

For large orders (over 20 journals), please call our Customer Service Representatives at (450) 442-1242 or toll-free at 1-844-442-1242.

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